race series
VLN - Longdistance Championship

The VLN (Endurance Racing Championship Nuerburgring), former Veedol Langstreckenpokal, is an organisation of motorsport clubs of which each hosts one event of a ten-race series held on the Nuerburgring-Nordschleife. The VLN series is the most successful amateur-motorsport series in Europe.

Participants of VLN races range from amateurs in small road legal cars with rollcages and harnesses to professional factory teams racing ex-DTM cars, or Porsche 996 GT3 RSR as in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and similar races. The VLN series is closely associated with the 24 Hours Nuerburgring, as it has similar rules, and mainly the same participants.

The "6 hours" are considered the season highlight - in 1998, even Sir Jack Brabham took part, at age 72. Here, 2 to 4 drivers per cars are entered, while in all others races, a single driver can drive all alone for 4 hours, or up to 3 can form a team.

The Series Cars division is intended to allow relatively low cost racing with near-series cars.
It consists of six gasoline classes differentiated by engine displacement and a diesel class.

- The Specials division consists of pure race cars that may compete in other race series. It consists of the classes SP1 to SP8 differentiated by engine displacement with an optional suffix T for turbo charged engines, the SP9 class for FIA GT3 cars, the SP10 class for SRO GT4 cars, the special E1-XP 2009 class and the D1T to D4T classes differentiated by engine displacement for diesel cars.
- The Cup division consists of one-make cup cars in the classes Cup1: Seat Leon, Cup2: Honda Civic R, Cup3: Porsche Carrera Cup.
- The H division consists of cars made in 1996 and before. It consists of the classes H1 to H4 differentiated by engine displacement.